2018 Boot Camp, Session 1

This past Monday, June 4th, marked the first session of the DifferenceMaker summer Boot Camp, where the 2018 Idea Challenge Winning teams work hard to further develop their projects, define their customers and develop their business models. At 9:00am, these student entrepreneurs gathered in room 110 of the Lydon Library, ready to learn. In this session, they learned about developing detailed business models, as well as understanding more about customer segments. Soon after Ha Pho, DifferenceMaker Program Manager, gave a presentation on business models. Then the individual teams took turns pitching their business models to the group. The group gave valuable feedback and advice to help them develop an even stronger business model. By the end this first Boot Camp session, all the teams left with great ideas for improving their business models, and were extremely eager for the next session.

Guest speaker Jonathan de Alderete, CEO of Nonspec, spoke to the teams about how his company’s business model  evolved over time.

Faculty Fellow Professor Brent Shell helping teams develop their business models.

And of course, here is a special thank-you to our amazing 2018 Boot Camp advisors:

  • Brent Shell
    • Professor – Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, Anatomy and Physiology
    • DifferenceMaker Faculty Fellow, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
  • Erin Keany
    • Vice President/Co-Founder of Nonspec
  • Rajia Abdelaziz
    • Co-Founder of InvisaWear
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