Finalist Teams | 2015 Idea Challenge

Congratulations to the 2015 Idea Challenge Finalists!
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The following teams will pitch their entrepreneurial ventures in front of judges to win a portion of $35,000 on April 15th from 5:00pm to 8:30pm at University Crossing in Moloney Hall.
  • Buddies Without Borders: A project that aims to bridge the gap between domestic students and international students by starting with an in-person pair up followed by a comprehensive website that allows members to define their profiles and micro-blog by text, photo, and video sharing.
  • Homework Center: A homework center in a poverty stricken town/city such as Lawrence, Massachusetts.The goal is to promote a positive and encouraging environment to encourage students to continue on the educational path and to, therefore, increase the graduation rate while lowering the dropout rate.
  • Hydraulic Walker: An innovative walker that utilizes hydraulics, allowing for the legs to be quickly adjusted, so that it can be used on stairs.
  • Kender’s Body Armor: A project that introduces a novel design for sports equipment using shear-thickening fluids. The materials offer superior impact protection in a thinner and unobtrusive profile and create superior sports attire.
  • Love of the Game: A community outreach program aiming to integrate universities and people with physical and cognitive disabilities through sports.
  • Masela Dentures: A project that aims to develop a fully 3D printable denture system as an alternative solution to expensive dentures manufactured using traditional casting and milling methods.
  • Mayday: This team has created a wearable device connected via Bluetooth technology to a mobile phone, that, when activated, sends emergency alert signals to a list of emergency contacts in an emergency situation.
  • Playable Therapy: A platform of exercises and games that, with the Microsoft Kinect, will allow for motion tracking of a physical therapy patient during their exercise routine at home.
  • Solar Electric Vehicles: A series of low speed and high efficiency commuter vehicles that utilize hub motor technology to allow people to travel using purely the energy of the sun.
  • Word Builder: An interactive toy designed to help children build the foundations of reading at an early age. The toy will be an evolutionary system that will grow with the child as they develop the skills necessary to learn how to read.

A special shout out and thank you to all of the judges, faculty fellow, and staff who were incredibly engages and enthusiastic throughout the entire event. We couldn’t do this without you!

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This year over 40 applicants applied to the Idea Challenge, and 25 of those teams move forward to the preliminaries. It was a difficult task for judges to choose only 10 of those teams to move forward to the final pitch on April 15th. Thank you to everyone who applied and participated in the Preliminary Pitch on April 3rd.
All entrepreneurial teams on the UMass Lowell campus are welcome to take advantage of DifferenceMaker’s resources. We welcome teams to connect with us this summer to pursue other funding opportunities, apply to our College Competitions this fall, and to apply to the 2016 Idea Challenge Competition. You can learn more about what we offer and how to contact us here.



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