Heading to Nanjing

On May 31, st I began my journey to Nanjing, China. Traveling to Nanjing was my first time traveling abroad. As I was getting ready to go I had a bunch of mixed feelings; excited, nervous, and anxious. I had mixed feelings because I did not know what to expect.

This was not my first time on a plane, but this was my first time being on a plane for 22 hours and traveling alone. I hate flying, so at first, I was nervous and wanted to cancel the flight and go home. I faced my fears and got on the plane. After thinking about almost everything that could go wrong on the flight I ended up really enjoying it. I sat next to these two lovely girls from London and we talked about each other, where we were going, and what we were doing. We all had a layover in Hong Kong so we went out and explored the city together.

So far I love Nanjing and I cannot wait to continue exploring and learning!