Just some photos


UML Nurses go to Baotu Park


UML nurses at Jinan Springs City Park


Nadine doing her yoga pose

Yuan at Water Locust Street

Yuan at Water Locust Street


A Chinese man playing a traditional Chinese stringed instrument at the park today.


Jinan Springs City Park


Some of the students getting out of our “mini-cab”

Inside our mini cab

Inside our mini cab

Valerie at Baotu Spring Park

Valerie at Baotu Spring Park


Our mini cab

What a great post from Kristen regarding our day. She captured the essence of our day.  What a joy to travel with such a wonderful group of women.  I am just going to attach some photos from today for your viewing.

Leaving in a few days

Val with dark backgroundThe Spring semester is over but the summer semester, Global Health Experience, is about to begin. Our journey starts on May 24, 2016 with an early flight to Toronto and then on to Beijing. We arrive in Beijing the next afternoon around 4 pm.
The coordinators of the trip, myself, Valerie King and Yuan Zhang are faculty in the School of Nursing at UMass Lowell. This is my 5th trip taking students on international experiences ( Ghana 2009-2011) and Chile (2013). This is Yuan’s first trip with students but she is from China and will serve as our ambassador for this trip. Please follow along with us and check back often at this BLOG site for some stories and photos.
Traveling with us are 2 recent BS graduates – Nicole and Lucky. Three RN-BS program graduates – Sylvia, Nadine and Barbara. Two MS -NP students- Kathleen and Kristen. One PhD student – Amy
It will be a fascinating trip and we will have many stories to share.
Valerie King – Clinical Assistant Professor – UMass Lowell School of Nursing