Homeward Bound

As we wrap up our final two days here in China I want to thank Dr. Zhang and Dr. King and UMASS Lowell for a truly amazing experience.   This trip was all I hoped it would be and more. The staff at the Shandong University and at the hospitals we visited were kind, generous and extremely hospitable. It is apparent that they are proud of their advances in Healthcare and yet were also interested and willing to learn from us about our system.  It showed to me that no matter how different we think we are nursing care is the same. Today on our final clinical day we visited the Provincial Hospital and their mission is Excellence, Honesty,  Harmony and Kindness with an aim to” Listen to their patients needs and conquer their challenges together”. That really says it all. So as we all look forward to getting back to our loved ones may we all take a moment to realize this amazing opportunity we have been given!20160607_105737