Vejer, Baelo Claudia, and Tarfia

A day exploring different towns near Cadiz. Our first stop was to Vejer de la Frontera, which is one of the cleanest towns in Andalucia, which was built on a hill overviewing different towns. The town is known for their white houses and buildings as well. Something interesting was knowing that everyone must paint their house or business white. It was also interesting seeing La Cobijada statue around the town which are honored in Vejer. In Vejer La Cobijada is a sheltered woman who is dressed in a black mantle where one of her eyes are the only visible part. This is viewed as a costume in Vejer that brought roots from Muslims. Women now don’t keep up as much with the tradition of wearing the mantle anymore, but in festivals like Holy week they do use it. Holy week is very traditional in Spain where every town was their own celebration. In Vejer there are four original arches that they have kept and one of them is the most famous because of the view that extends from the arch. Vejer de la Frontera is a beautiful town.

La Cobijada

        The next stop was Baelo Claudia an ancient Roman town near Bolonia. This is the heart to understand the Romans life and development at the time of the Roman Empire. Here we could see the theatre, temples, the wall where the trading ports would come in, the basilica and much more. An interesting part was seeing the Roman reproduction of Doryphores. The statue is a athlete that is nude with a spear on his right hand. The archaeologists have said that the stones are from high quality marble which was white with grey. This finding was carried out by the University of Cadiz in 2012 while the archaeological excavation. It was found in a swimming pool in the Maritime Baths. This statue is the most significant in Baelo Claudia, which shows wealth and what they call a taste of the Roman period.

           Our last stop was in Tarfia and they left the best for last. I was amazed by the beach in Tarfia. The water was gorgeous I could believe that I was there. The girls, I was with, and I decided to have lunch on the rocks sitting by the Mediterranean Sea. Our lunchtime was so relaxing just watching the ships go by. A lot of cruise ships and boats full of families passed by in the timing that we were there. Also, looking beyond the ocean which was the mountain that is in Morocco. When we finished our lunch, we walked down the boardwalk where the Mediterranean Sea is on your left-hand side and the Atlantic Ocean is on your right hand. Both sides were beaches and both were filled with people. Seeing the difference in the two was interesting because the Atlantic Ocean was filled with seaweed. The Mediterranean Sea was so clear you could see right through it. The water felt perfect and it was a great temperature not too cold. I think that Tarifa was a great idea to leave for last because it’s worth it.

Class and beautiful beaches

Coming to Cadiz has been one of the greatest opportunities I have been handed. It’s a place where family is very important and everyone is kind enough to help you out if you get lost. I have been happy to have my house five minutes away from the beach and the university. During the first week, I have noticed how everyone helps you improve your Spanish. Classes in school are very interesting because it’s not only students from Lowell but from all over the world. I have met people from all over the world. I like the idea of having classes with other international students because they can help you out and vice versa. Class is a place where you go to learn the language and grammar, but also where you can have discussion on anything you don’t understand with the language. Spanish in Cadiz is the main language, which is a great way to expand my vocabulary in the language. Learning the language in Cadiz is interesting because you can learn the different meanings to different words. Living with a host family that only speaks the language is the best part because not only are you speaking Spanish at school but at home you must speak it. In the past week, I have learned a list of new words that are new to my vocabulary. The class schedule here is comfortable enough where it’s not too early and not too late in the day. I enjoy the environment in school because it’s very welcoming and everyone encourages you. Everyone who lives in Cadiz has different rhythms in speaking either very fast or well off speed to understand, which connects to the idea of having two professors is a great idea. The two teachers have different teaching styles and different ways of speaking. I have enjoyed being in the classrooms very much.

            One of my favorite things about Cadiz are the beautiful beaches that it has. Cadiz is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The view is amazing and the water is even more amazing compared to the cold beaches that we have in the United States. La Caleta Beach is a five-minute walk from my house which is the reason why I look forward going to the beach all the time. La Caleta Beach is stunning with their sailboats in the water. The sunset is a great view as well to see in the night. I was very surprised when I was told that the sunsets so late at night, so it makes the day feel longer and nights shorter. Another beach is La Santa Maria which is very nice and I’d say bigger than La Caleta. I experience here in Cadiz the caring for one another is great to see that people would ask me if it’s okay to watch their belongings. This city has shown me how everyone here is happy to help one another. Coming to Cadiz it’s a must to visit both beaches.

Sunset at La Caleta
Playa Santa Maria