Dear Cádiz

Dear Cádiz

Hello it’s me! I am so glad I was able to come visit you, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Europe for the first time. I’ve been able to explore the varieties of neighborhoods as well as emblematic site of the city. It’s only been a week and I already love it, because it’s charming and majestic. Beautiful, Cádiz you are filled with rich history being one of the oldest cities in Europe, founded in 1100 BC, later becoming a territory occupied by the Romans, Muslims and later by Alfonso X and home of the Spanish Navy. Today, Puerta de Tierra built in XVIII separates the old town of Cádiz with the new town.

Between the old and the new Cádiz, I rather much stay with the old due to the romance and beauty of walking through out the small cobbles streets while looking at the Spanish style architecture is simply spectacular. The iconic plazas all over the city are a great place where families and friends get together to simply enjoy the pleasures of life and to enjoy a nice afternoon. My favorites so far, are Plaza San Antonio &  Plaza de Mina since it’s so close to my house and it’s filled with trees, flowers and remarkable arquitecture.

A quick anecdote is that when I first arrived to Cádiz last Sunday, my luggage never arrived, as a result I had limited change of clothes, I was pleased to know I had brought a change of clothes in my backpack for just in case. However, everything I brought was in my luggage and a few days passed by and still no luggage. Fortunately, the airline agreed to reimburse me for the money I had spent on a few clothes piece and personal items while I waited for the luggage to arrive. By Wednesday, I received great news! The airline found my luggage and had it delivered to my house. I was glad and able to say that thanks to my optimistic attitude I was able to remain calm and collected despite the fact I didn’t have any of my belongings with me after a long tiring trip. Yes! It’s crucial to always have a positive attitude despite the obstacles life presents to you, I partly credit this good attitude to my Buddhist mediation practices.

To tell the truth this unexpected event of my luggage being lost for a couple of days did not prevented me from enjoying the beauty I had in front of me. Cádiz, surrounded by two seafront forts, San Sebastian and Santa Catalina, because of the seafront Cádiz has the luxury to offer magnificent sunsets which of course are my favorite part! I can appreciate as I walk by Campo del Sur and head to Playa la Caleta, de la Victoria or los corrales.

On Friday we went to an excursion to Bolonia, Tarifa and Vejer de La Frontera, personally I enjoyed the beautiful white scenery of the houses in Vejer. It was truly an amazing experience not to mention I’ve seen Africa from Tarifa!

Cádiz, to me you are unique because you have everything I look for in a city, simplicity, elegance, romance, history, culture, art, beach, nature, friendly people and delicious food. Cádiz es muy guay!!

Diana Estrella

Walking by Campo Sur at Sunset

Picture of a pink peony in Vejer de La Frontera

Playa los Corrales, at sunset

Walk behind Parque Genovés

Top of Catedral de Cádiz

Vejer de la frontera, view from La Cobijada statue

Playa los Corrales