First Day in Guimaraes

Ola Pessoal! (Hello Everyone!) I am very excited, because we started a new journey today. We went to Guimaraes Campus of University of UMinho and it took us about 40 minutes from Braga. When we were trying to take the bus in the morning, everyone was kind of nervous that we could miss the school bus. Since this is our first time taking this special “bus”. And it runs once per hour. Luckily, we got on the bus on time and we made it to the campus!

Here! You can see how beautiful the city center is. It is a really historical downtown with a small population. Unfortunately, we are not here today to visit this city. We are here today to appreciate the works of the art design students. They have showed us so many incredibly art work by video. I did not expect that it could go that well. Moreover, they also expire me in some field and all those art works reflect their creativity. I have to say that they they really taught me the imagination of human is infinite.

Here are the works of those amazing students

European Tactile Map

Personally, Hexplay is one of my favorite designs today. I mean they are all very innovative and imaginative. But I like the idea of we need to play the game with eye mask. Because they have different textures, so we need to distinguish them by tactile. In other way, it increases the interest greatly. The reason why all these games are related to tactile or sound is because this art design is actually cooperated with blinds. Therefore, all these works are designed for him. It might be difficult to get the trick at the beginning, but once you get the rule of how to play it, you will get into it!

Beside the art works, we also went to browsed their studios and labs. They were very neat and clean, and the equipments look very professional. All students are very committed of what they are doing.

Last but not least, we got our free afternoon today! Before we went back to Braga, we had a cup of nice coffee. And it is always strongly recommended to have a coffee outside if you are in Europe. Because they really have the best coffee here. Plus, they are very very cheap! (about 1.5 euros.)

We will come here and explore this city more tomorrow. So I will see what I can find next day. I am already looking forward to It.