Second day in Guimaraes

Hello everyone! It’s me again! I am so happy here to talk about our journey today. As I said yesterday, we went to the university of MUnio where in Guimaraes. I felt like it took a lot faster than last time. When we got off from the bus, we were taken to a building inside. (Which I had no idea where it was.) and a nice guy who is called Eduardo Fernandes came out say hello to us. After all the introductions, we know that the building we visit today is art architecture. As we walked in, I saw so many interesting things that the students have been working on. 

Here are some photos.

water bottles

As you can see, we went to some place like a gallery. There were so many paintings and self-portraits sitting on the ground. I feel like they are so talented. But what really caught my attention were the plastic bottles on the floor. I was so confused why they were there, until he told us the reason. These students want to figure out how many plastic bottles we are going to use in one week. Therefore, they decided to put them on the floor. Personally, this is a perfect idea for reducing the use of plastic. Plus, this saving awareness should be advertised.

This is a picture of their library. It’s very beautiful and pleasant. I will say it’s an amazing place to study. The cylindrical thing you see is the stair to second floor. I bet that the students here are very happy to study with this kind of environment. 

Guimarães Castle
Perfect lunch in the University

After this lunch, we did a lovely walking tour with Pro. Geroges around this city. (As I have mentioned yesterday.) I have to say that I will never regret participating in this particular trip. Because not only we have seen so many ancient architectures, but also he explained all the histories very detailed. For example, we can see there is some letters on the ancient wall. It’s saying that “Portugal was born in here.” I think that this a very memorable and valuable wall. Furthermore, it is also the only wall left in the lower town of Guimaraes. 

Group picture

At the end, I want to say thanks to Pro. Geroges and the University do Minho.

Muito obrigado! ?