Diciendo Adiós

I don’t feel like there is any way to say goodbye to my organization that will truly capture my level of appreciation for the opportunity I have been granted with over these last few weeks. I mean, I’ve gotten the chance to contribute towards social research in Valencia, Spain… think about that for a second. It all seems so surreal at this moment in time. I’ve gotten a chance to explore the culture and society of this region on a deeper level than the normal tourist/visitor. Not to mention all the new people I have had the pleasure of meeting – I will be sure to keep these connections alive and stay in touch with those who have had a positive influence on me.  With all that being said, admittedly, I feel like the time is right to return back home. The experience has been refreshing and it has been a good trip all together, however, I miss a lot of things back home and am looking forward to reuniting with them. I’m sure a week or two back into my normal routine I will be thinking, “Damn. What I’d give to be back in Valencia right now”, but as of right now, I’m looking forward to getting back to the states. I’ve learned some invaluable lessons on this journey. There’s something about being exposed to another culture and way of life that makes you reflect on and rethink the lifestyle that you have been conditioned to back home. Pulling yourself away from any situation and viewing it from an outsider’s perspective always teaches you something new about that situation and this is how I feel about life back home in America. I will return with my refined outlook and try my best to carry on all the positive aspects of this culture that I have adopted over this last month and a half. Surely, the memories generated throughout this trip will be ones that I reflect on for the remainder of my life.