9/1/09 – ISIS 9.0 Coming in December

The University is in the process of upgrading the ISIS Student Administration system.It is expected that bythe end of the fall semester (targeting early December 2009) there will be a new systemin place — ISIS 9.0!

Why Upgrade? The current ISIS application is technically version 8.0 of Oracle’s PeopleSoft application suite. This system went into production back in 2005 at UMassand is no longer supported by the vendor. It is a best business practice to be supported by the vendor and as such was a major driver in the decision to upgrade. Additionally, there is new and improved functionality with the9.0 release which will enhance the user experience for UMass students and faculty.

What is changing? More information will be forthcoming later in the fall regarding all the changes that are taking place. Overall there are mostly look and feel changes, with only a few functional differences. Again, more information coming in November and December.

What do I need to do? Be on the lookout for new information on the ISIS home page. Most training will occur via an online tool called UPK (UMass Productivity Kit) and should meet the needs of all self-service users. Full service users will be invited toclassroom training when that is scheduled. We anticipate all training occurringwithina month of go-live (mid-November thru early December).

Who is Developing andTesting? UMass has a team of central and campus staff who are working to develop and test the ISIS 9.0 application at our Collaborative Services Facility in Shrewsbury. Additionally, there will be campus testing in October for all core offices as well as some faculty and students.

If you have any questions or comments about the ISIS Upgrade please contact the campus project manager – Doreen Bray (doreen_bray@uml.edu ).

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