Tattoos in Korea

Oh boy, tattoos are, very very popular to get by people who travel here from what I have seen. In fact, I may or may not have gotten 9 of them this past 2 weeks hence this delayed post. Anyway, the tattoo scene in Korea is HUGE and what makes it so special is how unique, intricate, and detailed some of the work is! Their colored tattoos in particular are very popular.

First, I’ll go over the general process of getting a tattoo here with price, schedule, etc and then there are some pictures of the tattoos I’ve received and the artists I have gotten them from 🙂

  1. Findng an Artist
    • Most tattoo artists here have instagrams that they post their work on. You can look around and find an artist with a style you like
  2. Bookng an Appointment
    • Once you have an idea in mind, you can message them. Some artists do instagram DMs some do email and some do Kakao messaging. They will usually say so in their profile
    • You can send them some pictures of what you want, where you want and size
    • They will then design a tattoo for you and usually send it to you 24-48 hours before.
    • Some artists design on the spot with you there with them
  3. Cost
    • Most artists will give you a price gauge to let you know what you will expect
    • Price generally depends on how big the tattoo is, how detailed it is and how popular the artist is!
    • My largest ones were probabaly around 600-700 USD
    • Some of my smaller ones were 140-250 USD
    • But some of my smalller ones by a popular artisst were higher 250-400 USD
  4. Pain
    • I’ve been told im inhuman so maybe don’t take me to seriously on this.
    • Most of my tattoos didn’t really hurt. My norigae one had me going oh that kinda hurt once in a while so I have yet to experience the extreme pain I have heard some people get from tattoos, but maybe some day!
  5. Good luck! You can look up some of the artists below to explore the tattoo scene in Korea 🙂

Dreamcatcher tattoo I got done from my dear friend tattooist_flower! She has super detailed and delicate work!

Rose tattoo I got from Tattooist_haneul! Lovely and beautiful. Took a whole 7 hours
Line tattoo representing my love of travel by tattooist_arar! He has some very cute line work.
A tattoo of my dog! I sent e.ple_tattoo a picture of him and she designed a super detailed tattoo for me!
Dragon Flower Norigae by! I saw her design and decided to get it done since I wanted a norigae tattoo. Norigaes are like good luck charms of sort that are worn with clothes.
My first tattoo! I got this when I studied abroad in Korea by tattooist_flower!