Look Familiar??

Hola Chicos!

Today’s adventure will take a look at some familiar food spots in the states..with a twist! (I hope you had lunch already!)

Our first stop is….


That’s right! There’s a Popeyes. It has similar menu items as in the states, but also a little flavor of Costa Rica! You may find a sandwich with some avocado, tomatoes, and a special sauce on there! I guess everyone can enjoy some southern spice!

Our next stop is….


I’m not as surprised with this as an option. What I am interested in though is their menu. They have some interesting creations here in Costa Rica! Such as their Cheetos wraps. It’s like STUFFED with whole Cheetos and cheese! There’s meat in there but I think the cheese would probably just take charge. I haven’t had one yet, but I might try it out. Did I mention they also sell fries here? I love fries so that kind of made my day when I got here!

Next on our list is….


Pizza Hut is all around here. I haven’t tried it yet but I think I won’t turn down the opportunity to do so. It looks like it has similar menu items here that you would find in the states. The biggest difference is that they sell individual pizzas as their selections!

On to the next stop…


Now this here was a bit of a surprise for me. Seeing that this is a rare sight for myself when I’m back home, I was a bit shocked to see this here. I haven’t tried their menu yet but it smells like it won’t disappoint!

One place I wish I could’ve gotten was Hardy’s Jr. There is one here in their local mall. This was definitely the biggest surprise because I don’t believe we have them in Massachusetts and I know they’re more so popular in the southern parts of the US. I hope to try it out and at least get my first little experience.

Overall, I think the food selections here in Costa Rica are great. I do prefer the traditional foods here in Costa Rica compared to the selections that are already available in the US.

I hope you all enjoyed this little tour of familiar spots!

Hasta Luego!