Expectations of San Sebastián

Before coming on this trip I was honestly really scared and had no idea what to expect. I was scared of meeting so many new people because, typically I’m an introvert unless I’ve known you for a while. I’m also not the best at small talk so I didn’t know if I was going to connect with anyone in the group. After the first couple of nights I started to became close with everyone. We all just vibe really well and could joke around as if we already knew each other prior to the trip. After realizing what a great group we had I couldn’t wait to spend more time with them and really get to know them. This was a surprise to me because usually I have a hard time getting comfortable with and liking new people.

So far my time in San Sebastián has taught me that I really need to be willing to try new things, even if I think I won’t like it at least I can say that I tried it. Today, after sitting in a Spanish class that seemed like it would never end since all I could think about was food, our professor took us on a pintxo tour in Gros. Starting off this tasting tour we had the opportunity to try what is believed to be the first ever pintxo called, Gilda made of peppers, olives, and anchovies. Despite all of the professors efforts to get me to try this one I sat out of it because I knew I just wouldn’t enjoy it although others really seemed to, I was not one to jump at the thought of anchovies and olives.

While I didn’t try the famous Gilda pintxo I tried something during this tour that I thought I would never even think to eat and that is meat that was completely pink in the middle, it was practically still alive. Anyone that knows me knows that I can’t even stand when others around me eat raw meat, typically I am disgusted by the thought of it, but I’m so happy that I tried it because I then realized I’ve been missing out. My advice to those who haven’t tried it is not to shame raw meat by its looks like I have always done, but to give it a chance because it could change your mind, or possibly make you gag.

Throughout this tour I ate food that didn’t even look like it was edible and I loved every second of it. This tour was like a heaven for me because I love food and could literally eat all day long if I could, or so I thought before going on this tour of literally eating everything in sight.

By the end of this tour I was filled with so many different kinds of amazing food, my favorite of course being the tortillas, I probably eat at least one a day. We finally ended this tour by stuffing gelato and coffee down our packed stomachs because as everyone knows, there is always room for dessert.

Once this tour was over and we were all nice and bloated we went over to La Concha, the most beautiful beach I have ever been to and the fourth most beautiful beach in the world, and met with the rest of the group that was already there. After waiting a while and walking all my food off so I wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean, I tried to swim but it was just too cold for me so I sat back and watched as there were people swimming farther out than I could even see. Relaxing on the beach was when I realized how lucky I am to be in Spain with one of my best friends and I’m lucky to have met so many amazing people. I then thought to myself that not many people even have the opportunity to travel let alone with their closest friend.

Even though I haven’t been here long I feel like being on this trip has changed my outlook on meeting new people and opening up to things I’m not usually comfortable with and this is something I know I’ll be grateful for in the future. This trip has given me great food and new friends that I’ll hopefully still hang around with once we’re all back to our regular lives.

While I’m still the same girl that cracks way too many jokes and can’t take anything seriously, I feel as though San Sebastián has given me a new version of myself that I didn’t even know was in me and I’m excited to see what opportunities come next.