Plastics 4.0 Update

On February 23, UML held the Plastics 4.0 event at the Saab to honor emeritus faculty Steve Orroth, Aldo Crugnola, Nick Schott, Amad Tayebi, Steve Grossman, & Bob Malloy who together provided 255 years of service! It was another truly great plastics event as featured on the jumbo Tron at the UML-BU hockey game at the Tsongas Arena.

The Plastics Engineering program is doing well – there are 285 students in our undergraduate program, perhaps an all-time high. Interest among employers remains high. And the best is yet to come, for the future enfolding before us is bright indeed. UMass Lowell Plastics has a leading role in emerging areas that we’re working on now – including green bio and biodegradable plastics, nano materials, flexible electronics, smart textiles, medical devices, high performance composites, recycling plastics and automated manufacturing. We thank the emeritus faculty for their past and ongoing contributions!!