Welcome to Pforzheim!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Germany! This trip so far has been the greatest experience of my life. I’ve been here for three weeks now and have a ton of experience to share. I’d like to post them in order so be patient with me :D. To start, Pforzheim is a great little town with everything you need; plenty of restaurants and shopping. Nothing is particularly exceptional here so you don’t see tourists really, but because of that the city really starts to feel like a second home; after taking day/weekend trips, you’ll be relieved to come back to this little town. The classes at Pforzheim University thus far have been FANTASTIC. All our professors are incredibly well-versed in their fields. They teach you to think like an industrial engineer, and you can see these lessons in action once you tour the manufacturing plants. This was just a mere introduction, I’ll delve into detail for each trip we had!