Audi Manufacturing


First up, we visited Audi in Neckarsulm, Germany. We had some time to explore the showroom. This is essentially a city dedicated to Audi; it’s unbelievable how large their facility is. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos of the manufacturing processes.

This being my first tour, I was blown away; I never¬†imagined I would be able to witness the manufacturing process of an automobile. It’s crazy to think that flat sheets of metal are shaped and formed into these incredible machines. The tour walked us through most of the manufacturing process, however, we were not allowed to visit the paint shop due to the sensitivity of the process. The entire facility was very automated with little human intervention. It seemed there was one worker watching 5-7 machines at once just in case something went wrong or to switch out a component; it’s not as you see in the video link posted below. The final assembly was the most interesting to watch. As a kid, I watched several videos of the final assembly of some of my favorite cars; to experience it in person was a fantastic experience.¬†Audi Neckarsulm