ODK Loves Earth Day

This Earth Day, 4/22, the Communications Committee asked ODK members to send in any pictures they have of them doing great deeds for the planet. We also asked for pictures of them appreciating nature. Although it was a chilly and rainy day here in Massachusetts, our members came through and send us great pictures! Below is a recap of all of the great pictures we received. Happy Earth Day, let’s remember to take care of our planet every day, not just today!

Katelyn Hasenstab enjoying the Quincy Quarries.
Prabakar Adithya planting a seed for Earth Day! A great way to keep our planet healthy.
Rohan Sharma’s dog loving the outdoors.
Jess Faulkner with a gorgeous waterfall behind her.
Some of our members participated in a meatless Thursday and monitored their food maps throughout the day!

Thank you to all of our members who sent in pictures for Earth Day. We hope everyone got some fresh air today and appreciated the planet we share!

Earth Day Activities 4/22

Happy Tuesday ODK! We have an exciting segment coming this Thursday and we need your help. On Earth Day, we want to know how our members help keep our planet clean and healthy. Send us pictures of your Earth Day activities on 4/22 and we will post it right here on the blog and on Instagram! We hope you can get outside on Earth day and we cannot wait to see your smiling faces!

Induction is Coming…

Happy Tuesday everyone! As a reminder, ODK’s induction ceremony is on April 25th at 10:00 am. There has been a To-Do list for members to complete sent to your emails! Here is a reminder of that to-do list. By filling out the RSVP form, you will be able to see your picture, hometown, and major displayed during the ceremony, so don’t miss the opportunity to see your picture on April 25th!