Welcome to the Newest Member of Dean’s Student Leadership Council

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Imagine moving to a new state, transferring to a new college, becoming a new mother, switching from a full-time day student to a full-time night student, and being a student leader on campus. That is Rebekah Dufrene in a nutshell.

Not long ago, Rebekah moved from the small town of Raceland, Louisiana to Vermont and then to the growing city of Lowell. After earning her Associates in Business at Middlesex Community College in the spring of 2012, Rebekah entered UMass Lowell the following fall. When she was expecting her son in the spring of 2013, Rebekah took off the semester. She began this fall as a full-time mother and a full-time night student.

Rebekah was drawn to UML because of the convenience and affordability. She knew that she would be able to learn in a comfortable and diverse environment, while not going into debt. Specifically, Rebekah finds the online courses offered at UML to be a huge benefit. Now, she can reach her goal of earning her MBA while also raising her now seven-month-old son.

Rebekah held several leadership positions at Middlesex Community College. The positions included Vice President of Student Government, Vice President of the Honors Council, Vice President of the Woman’s Leadership Council, and being a member of Phi Theta Kappa (a national honors society for two year colleges).

Recently, Rebekah has become a member of the Dean’s Student Leadership Council at UML. There she, along with ten other students, assist the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Manning School of Business and represent the MSB on campus and at events. Rebekah continues to be a motivated student and an active member of the MSB community. Welcome, Rebekah!

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