To My Fellow Bostonians

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I don’t believe that I have ever felt so heartbroken by another event in my life than I have in reaction to that which occurred this afternoon at 2:40 pm in Boston, MA. In my 18 years of life, I have never felt so scared for my family and friends. I have never felt so much empathy for my fellow Bostonians. I have never experienced such an intense yet confused mental, physical, and emotional reaction to the actions of a fellow human being. I have never been so concerned over the violence that so often seems to be consuming our country and our world.

I want everyone in the UMass Lowell community, and further, to know that my heart is with all of you and your loved ones. Today is a day to pray for those in Boston. It is a day to be thankful for our lives and for our stable mental frames. We are reminded that, although we very rarely need to be concerned about our physical safety in regards to natural survival, our lives are not protected. Our government, militia, local forces, and family can only do so much. Today is a reminder that we, as humans, are not invincible.

As we pray for all of those affected by the explosions, we must also pray for those who planned such a violent scene. We must pray that whatever evil inspired the events of today can be recovered. No one should ever feel the need to impose such a threat against his/her own society, just as much as no one should ever have to fear attending what is intended to be a peaceful, annual, city event.

We also must thank the heroes who provided assistance to all of the defenseless citizens who were hurt in today’s events. It is one thing to train for the violence that seems to be inevitable in our world, and it is another to rise to the occasion when evil is presented in front of our eyes. Thank you to all of the police officers, fire fighters, EMS faculty, Boston marathon staff, citizens and whoever else gave a helping hand after the explosions in Boston.

The help does not stop after today, or after all of those who were injured recover. We all must continue to do our best to live in peace, and without violence. It is much easier said than done, but please; spread love and not hate. Please, let’s have faith in our neighbors, friends, and fellow Bostonians.

Sending my love to all of you.

2 thoughts on “To My Fellow Bostonians

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