Be Inspired – Guest Blogger: Bjorn Hanson

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We all have those days when nothing is going right. You just cant catch a break. Life is full of ups and down, but what if you could somehow avoid some of these downs we all experience and make the highs higher than you could ever imagine. The key to this is to be inspired.

A step in the right direction would be to find what you are passionate about and excel in that area. Don’t settle for what society is telling you to do. If you can’t find something that you can enjoy getting up for every morning then your life will be filled with many more “downs” then “ups”. The minute you settle for less then you deserve, you get less than you settled for. The more you love what you do the more likely it is that you will be inspired to reach new heights.

Just because you have found something that you love to do does not mean that you will not experience some of the lows that we all know too well; we all need a kick in the butt sometimes. If you can’t find inspiration from your own work look elsewhere. People find inspiration from all kinds of things. For example, for many people taking a walk and simply soaking in nature can be an inspiration. For others it could be doing something challenging such as a puzzle or a brainteaser. Another great tip is to find someone who you can look up to and when things get tough you can turn to this person for a kick-in-the-butt, aka motivation. For me, this person isn’t someone I can actually talk to but I when things start looking down I like to have someone who can inject some inspiration into my life.

To close, I would like to share a quote from the man I look up to, Eric Greitens, “There were a number of definitions of courage, but now I was seeing it in its simplest form: you do what has to be done day after day, and you never quit.” This quote stays stuck in my head and helps me through when I just want to slack and blow off my homework. Sometimes we can all use a little kick in the butt, so don’t let your pride get in the way of seeking out some inspiration.

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