Want to join a growing community? (IMPORTANT INFO!)

to be a UMass Lowell student? Being one myself, I can guarantee that a
UMass education will help you grow as a student, and as a person. The
people you will meet and the lessons you will learn will give you the
experience of a lifetime.

Are you going to take my word for it? If so, apply asap! The deadline is coming up. Here is the info:

Transfer Application Deadlines

Application for the Fall semester:July 1

Please note that this deadline is a priority deadline meaning that we would like for you to get your application
in before this date to ensure a timely decision.However, we will still gladly accept applications with official transcripts after this date and encourage any student who wishes to apply to do so until the first week of classes.Finally,course
availability during the beginning of the semestermay impact the student’s ability to register for his/her preferred courses.

Classes are filling quickly so please get your deposit in as soon as possible!

Academic Calendar for fall 2011

As a transfer student, you should be aware of the key academic dates that are coming up for
the fall 2011! Here is a link to the PDF

UMass Lowell Community College Transfer

You may be eligible for a scholarship! Please review the following information to find out:

Have any questions?
If you have any questions contact Dr. Frank Andrews, Associate Dean for the College of Management, 978.934.2816 or frank_andrews@uml.edu

Questions for the blogger?
Contact Matt Lawson by leaving a comment below, or e-mail! Matthew_Lawson1@student.uml.edu

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