M2D2 Welcomes New Resident Company: Nuclease Probe Technologies

nuclease-probe-tech-logoNuclease Probe Technologies has raised $500,000 from Breakout Labs to Support Development of Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing for Bloodstream Infections. 

With this funding, NPT will commence operations at M2D2 in Lowell. We’re thrilled to welcome the new resident company and look forward to aiding them with the tools and space needed for further development!

About Nuclease Probe Technologies
Nuclease Probe Technologies, Inc., a company pioneering a precision medicine approach to matching patients with the most effective antibiotics to treat deadly bloodstream infections, announces the investment by Breakout Labs, a Thiel Foundation fund that backs scientist-entrepreneurs transitioning scientific breakthroughs out of the lab and into the market.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have the confidence and support of Breakout Labs as investors in Nuclease Probe Technologies,” said Dr. James McNamara, founder and chief executive officer of Nuclease Probe Technologies, Inc. “Breakout Labs is known for their deep scientific expertise and support of disruptive technologies like our nuclease activated probe, or NucAP™ technology. They will bring technical expertise, domain knowledge, and industry connections to help support the growth and direction of our company. The capital will help our team develop simple blood tests to detect bacterial pathogens and determine the most effective treatment.”

Nuclease Probe Technologies harnesses the power of nucleases—proteins produced by bacteria—to predict how patients will respond to proposed antibiotic therapy. The NucAP™ technology has demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity versus the gold standard of laboratory testing. Traditional lab tests can take days, but the NucAP™ test takes only a few hours. NPT’s rapid test will enable early life-saving intervention potentially saving hospitals millions of dollars a year. A critical application of NPT’s NucAP™ test will be the prediction of how patients will respond to proposed antibiotic therapy based on a short incubation of their blood with antibiotics. This approach, known as phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing, or AST, is the gold standard for determining effective antibiotic therapy.

“We were impressed by the technology invented and patented by Dr. McNamara,” said Lindy Fishburne, Executive Director of Breakout Labs. “We look forward in helping Nuclease Probe Technologies further develop their rapid test for the early identification of deadly bloodstream pathogens, and importantly, testing for antibiotic resistance.”