The French Look

France is a country known for its impeccable style and the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest designers.

While brands like Louis Vuitton, Balmain, and Christian Dior are well known French brands, and can be seen being worn by many, it is not a sustainable wardrobe for most college-aged students.

While in France, I took note of where most young people shopped, and was surprised to find many of the brands can be found here in America.

The most popular brands I found were: Zara, Mango, Morgan, and TOPSHOP.

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Zara is a international fashion brand, they are a great brand when you’re searching for any kind of outfit; whether it be a night out or a job interview, they have clothing options for any occasion.


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Mango is a retailer similar to Zara. In my personal opinion, their clothes tend to be more feminine and don’t have as wide of a variety as Zara. However, I think their clothes are more chique and they are one of the best shops to find a statement jacket.


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Morgan is an edgier fashion brand available in France. Morgan is a little more expensive compared to Zara and Mango, but the quality of their clothing is superior and they are great for finding a dress for a special occasion.


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TOPSHOP is an English brand that is very popular in Europe and in the US. TOPSHOP is another retailer similar to Zara and Mango, what makes them different is their English and Irish style influence in their clothing.

Seeing how people your age dress in other countries can make for a really interesting parallel between your home country and the foreign country. It’s fascinating to see the similarities and differences in style. Style is a language we all speak; self expression.