The Final Step

I can’t believe how fast the days flew by. With our last full in London, I woke up early and trekked to the Harry Potter store at King’s Cross with Arthur, Autumn, Sheila, and Andrea. I couldn’t keep out of my head how weird it is that our experience all together was coming to an end. After the Harry Potter Store, I went back to take a much needed power nap on Autumns bed while Arthur called to have our Oyster cards fixed. After 20 minutes, I was woken up and ended up finishing my nap in my room. Later on, I woke up to get ready for our final group dinner. At dinner, I had a full realization that our trip was over and that this was our last celebration of being all together.  The italian food was amazing (thanks UML) and we shared tons of final laughs at the table. After we finished eating, we presented our group presents to Ingrid and Regina for guiding us on this amazing experience. After dinner, we all went out for our last night abroad which ended up being one of my favorite nights. Going to bed that night was a little hard, because I knew that my time in London was over for now.