After returning home and getting a full nights of sleep, I had time to truly reflect on this journey. I remember going on this trip being close with a few people and knowing others as just classmates. As the days went by we grew closer and developed a tight bond. I was always a little nervous because, with so many people you don’t know it can be hard to gauge how things will unfold. My friends have always told me while you’re abroad you’ll develop new and interesting friendships with the people you travel. That statement couldn’t be more true. Waking up early everyday and seeing London with everyone made this experience so worthwhile. As nights ended I truly looked forward to what would happen the next day planned or not because of the good times we’d all share.

Getting on the plane home I had a case of “London-sickness” because I knew that a chapter was about to end. Knowing that I’ll wake up the next day and I won’t be adventuring somewhere in London was definitely a little sad. This was my first time flying without my family let alone leaving the country.  Even though, I was little nervous, this journey proved to worthwhile and helped me create bonds that otherwise I wouldn’t have.  On my way to work the next day my feelings of London-sickness have subsided and I can now say that I’ve made new everlasting bonds. Being home I was able to be thankful for not only being able to travel to London, but the people around me. Thank you to everyone that made this experience not only special, but truly unforgettable.