Penance Post

London was a whirlwind for me, and even still, I’m struggling to put to words the thoughts, feelings, and insights that I gathered while in the city. We did more in ten (technically eight, when you subtract the travel time) days than some people who live within the city limits have done in their entire lifetimes – as far as sight seeing, at least – and though I was awake and aware for every moment of it, still, the memories feel a little abstract and untouchable. Where words are still failing me, I thought it would be wise to show that while in London I wasn’t just an idle participant – I was, in fact, viewing the design that drenched the city streets and examining as much as I could as we bustled through the Underground and zipped through crowds to get to our destinations.

So here, today, I give you (a small portion of, all of them couldn’t fit) my¬†collection of Found Type, Logos and Posters from London!