Days 9 & 10- The End of an Adventure

On the last free day we all got to sleep in and we had our own plans in split groups. I spent the day with some friends walking through a park to Buckingham Palace and then going on the London eye. We had a final group dinner with Ingrid and Regina and we gave them gifts that were bought and signed as a group to show our appreciation of them. This trip was easily one of the best if not the best trip of my life and a priceless experience. It was the perfect amount of time budget wise and cost wise but wish we could have stayed longer as far as exploring and our growing bonds of friendship.

I have gotten to know so many amazing people on this trip and will forever think back to these days. Functioning as a group of 16 was very difficult at times but once we got past that, which we always did, at the end of the day we were all there for each other. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and what will be built off of the experiences of this trip. I’m able to navigate the London tube system as well so maybe one day going back will be less confusing. For 10 days London was home and for many nights room 515 was home as well. So thankful for the opportunity given by Umass Lowell and our professors for this trip, and to my family who supported me in my decision to go!