Day 8 – Hackathon Day 2

Look at this…we’re back at the same place that we were at yesterday. Back at the Hackathon at Big Radical! Today, we were going to design our project and make it come alive! When coming together in our groups though, four of my partners were there….but three were missing from yesterday. It wouldn’t have been bad if they told us if they weren’t going to be there, but they didn’t tell us and they had all been working together about the story of our project. Even though they weren’t there…we gained someone very important! Our team gained INGRID HESS! Once Ingrid joined our team, it was time to start rolling. After many hours of work, and a exercise that killed my legs and made the whole Hackathon crawl on the floor, our project was complete. I was very proud of how our project and presentation came out and thankful that I was able to survive the two days. Everyone had to present a five-minute presentation about our project and tell the three judges what it does and what it would do to to help people better understand depression. It was great to experience these presentations because it allowed myself to gain experience for when I have to give more presentations in the future.

After all of our presentations, the judges went and decided who would be the winner. After they left, it was time to relax and wait till they came back. When they gave out the awards, it was fun to see who received awards for their hard work. Even though my team did not win and I didn’t receive a singular award, I had a lot event at this event. Once the awards were over, groups took pictures together and we all set our separate ways. After getting back to the hotel, it was time to relax after working for two days straight. It was nice to be able to cool down and not have to think about anything. When looking back at this event, I can say it was a great experience and I’m really happy that we were able to participate. I was able to create some form of branding in an app for our group before I scrapped the idea. I will continue this app design for my portfolio and will try to work on it for the rest of the summer. I would give today a 10/10, which gives the trip an 82/80 so far. I’m really disappointed that this trip is almost over. I have enjoyed everything that we have done so far on this trip and I wouldn’t change¬†anything I have done on this trip. I’m hoping tomorrow goes by slow as it is my last day before having to take a seven-hour plane ride back to Boston. I am going to miss London.

Ingrid working on illustrations to be photographed for our presentation.