The Design museum was probably my favorite destination on this trip because of their exhibition “California: Designing Freedom”. My mind was blown because even though this was an American exhibition, it would not have had the same curation or thematic integrity in the US. Freedom comes in many shapes and forms, and as an African-American in the US it doesn’t always feel that way. This exhibition however highlighted not only the incredible design that came out of California, but exposed works that moved social progression. I felt a strong personal connection to the works, because many are usually seen as “too controversial” in the US. Seeing these works reaffirmed my hopes that there is a group of people who believe in progression and can recognize stable change.

When we left the exhibition, we created an interesting logo that represents our design family. I loved this exercise, because it was a fun way to show our relationship which I think really developed more on this trip. I chose to substitute the “0” with the London underground symbol, and points that almost mapped out the London routes to represent our progression. For me, it also shows the connectivity that we all have together and how this trip is a huge bonding experience. Today was one of my favorite and it makes me sad to think this trip is almost halfway over.