We had two things planned today: the Design Museum and going to the theater to see Wicked. We went to see the California: Design and Freedom exhibition at the Design Museum. Having the opportunity to see technological advances and history of design in an exhibition was really awesome and really helpful in understanding the design culture in California and US.

Wicked was AH-MAZIIING. The set of the entire play was well-made and detailed. The acting, vocal performances — everything — were just great. Galinda was my favorite character. I am very grateful and enlightened now that I get to learn all about musical theaater, to see an auditorium, to see the actual play itself, and to see how everything unfolds together. I will cherish the memory forever, and I will go to more musical shows, if I can.

I consider myself uncultured on culture — of design, technology, and theater performance. After today, at least I can say I’m a bit more cultured.