The Design Museum and Wicked

Today we went to The Design Museum. There were three exhibits, California: Designing Freedom, Cartier in Motion, and Designer Maker User. We started in the California exhibit which showcased all the advancements in design and technology and all the steps that today’s technology and innovations required to get to the final product. A key point to make is that the tone of the exhibit is constant innovation and searching for something better (whether it be idea’s, human right, technology, or ways of doing things). So I felt very aware that even though everything was the most recent and advanced technology and information it won’t be long until an improved or updated version is created, that there is no true final product in design. After we had a chance to explore the other exhibits and the gift shop, everyone met in the Maker Space to do a design challenge. Our challenge was to create a logo for our new little family which we lovingly named “Lab 103”. Some students were influenced by London, others by the people in the group, and I focused more on what we have learned about and appreciate together as a group. Although I was really nervous about being sprung into creating a logo on the spot, it ended up being a really fun exercise. I am definitely am planning on doing more design prompts and challenges now on my own because I’m less afraid of them and can see how they can benefit my design thinking skills. The exhibit was incredibly impressive and up to date.

After finishing the museum and buying a few books from the gift shop all the students grabbed lunch at Byron Proper Burger. We finished the afternoon in small groups. The group I went with explored local shops. I ended up buying a dress and new jacket because I was not as prepared as I thought. Tonight we went to see Wicked. I really enjoyed seeing how people who had never seen it before react to such an amazing musical.

Tonight we went to see Wicked, my favorite musical. I was a little thrown off by the Brittish accents and slightly different pacing but greatly enjoyed the show none the less. I really enjoyed seeing how people who had never seen it before react to such an amazing musical.

Waiting for Wicked