Transportation Museum

The first museum we visited when we came to London was the Transportation Museum. it was a fun and interactive historical museum that displays the amazing history of London’s many forms of mass transport. At the time of our visit, there was a poster exhibition going on with many pieces of work from illustrators and students. My favorite poster of the day was called The Faceless Woman, and featured an illustration of a woman sitting at an empty train station on a clear starry night. It was my favorite poster because of the the elegant and soft style the artist was able to create. There was also a beautiful glow that came from the night sky that didn’t seem like a simple illustration, the stars were shining off the page an creating a beautiful luminosity. there was a sense of loneliness and peace that I felt looking at the work, which was emphasized by the desaturated colors and from the sky taking up about 50% of the composition. I later discovered the artist wont the bronze prize in the contest for this illustration, and I feel it was well deserved.