My First Few Weeks in London

Leaving home for the first time can be a challenge. what is even more difficult is leaving your family behind over 3,000 away! Deciding to study abroad was huge decision for me, but it has always been something I had envisioned myself doing. I am the only person in my family within 3 generations to have left the country, so I guess you could say I am the only adventurer within  my household. But truth be told I didn’t really know what to expect.

The Day Left for London it was a bitter sweet moment for me. Although I was super to be embarking on this journey, I was sad to say goodbye to my family and friends. Not to mention I had never been on a plane for more than 3 hours and I didn’t know what I was going to do during a 8 hour plane ride. Luckily, it was a very smooth ride and I was sleeping for most of the time.

During these first couple of weeks, my focus was getting settled and learning more about the city. The flat I live in is beautiful, and it did not take me long to get acquainted with the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised to discover all the history the city has to offer!

I predicted that the for the first few weeks I would be  home sick and it would be difficult for me to make new friends. However, I can honestly say that I am having the time of my life. As for making new friends, the program offers so many social events that it is very easy to make friends. Not to mention you become very close with your flatmates!

All in all, I would say that study abroad has been a huge commitment but I think it was definitely worth it. the friends and memories I have made in my short time here are something I never want to forgot. I am excited to share my experiences and memories  with you all while I continue on this amazing journey.