Last Log of London

It’s time to say goodbye to the City of London. It’s been a wonderful three weeks of exploring and learning. The last day definitely wasn’t a bore. Dressed to impress, I took our last test (60 minutes) and I can say I’m pretty confident that I did better! We also presented out energy topics. Mine was on resource constraints. I, of course got put last. two hours of anxious waiting. It was also recorded for external assessment, which made me twice as nervous. When I present power points, I literally forget everything and end up just casually mumbling to myself what I forgot to talk about. I survived at least. With the last class over, we had a 2 hour final ceremony informing us about resumes, alumni, and further studying at UCL. We got out certificate of participation!

The last thing was the End of Summer Boat Party! It was a nice two and a half hour cruise along the River Thames. Yup! Lots of selfies in honor of the last day in London.


This was quite an experience and I’m really happy I got the opportunity to enjoy it. I believe this is my last post. I don’t know how long I have access to this blog because I would love to finish the Brussels, Lion, Chinatown, Kensington Palace, and Globe blogs. That’s five blogs I had planned but never got to do. Everything is on Facebook though. No witty commentary really, but lots of pictures!

Goodbye! And thanks for following my journey!