The crew visits the British Library & the British Museum

We had the opportunity to visit the British Library’s excellent exhibit, “Shakespeare in Ten Acts.” While walking through we got to see Shakespeare’s First Folio (1623), the first printed edition of Hamlet (1604), two examples of Shakespeare’s autograph, modern costumes, modern adaptations, and tons more. Perhaps the most exciting, however, was the gift shop. As one of our group said, “Way better stuff here than at the Globe.” Complete with Shakespeare rubber duckies, crystal skulls full of booze, and daggers standing there before you.


The King’s Library stands in the Center of the building

IMG_0620 IMG_0619


Megan and Emily find wonder in a crystal palace of shoes

We then bounced to that other British institution, but taking our time getting there while meandering through Covent Garden. Aside from a few macaroons, no one took the shopping plunge.


In front of the British Museum


Coins and signets from kings Shakespeare dramatized, including Henry VI and Richard III