Here is the latest calendar of our events provided by CAPA.

Some details are subject to change. 2789161252_4eb04ae614_m

And here is our detailed calendar with due dates for assignments (also subject to change):

July 8 – 29

8:  Arrive in London; check-in; orientation

9:  Bus tour of London

10: Optional tour of South Bank

11: Afternoon tea and Westminster Abbey Visit
Reading due: Greenblatt, “Shakespeare’s World”; Bedford Guide to Shakespeare
Blog post #1 due

12: Tower of London Macbeth-Poster-Michael-Fassbender-Character-Poster
Reading due: Macbeth

13: Tour of Globe Theater and performance of Macbeth  

14: Class at CAPA for discussion of Macbeth and Globe performance
Reading due: Stern, “The theatre of Shakespeare’s London”; Dolven and Keilen, “Shakespeare’s Reading
Blog post #2 due

15-18: Free days to write Essay 1, read, and explore London

19: British Library: Shakespeare in Ten Acts
Essay 1 due

20: Class at CAPA: discussion of second paper and Hamlet
Reading due: McMullan and Gossett, “Textual Introduction


Cymbeline at the RSC

21: Trip to Stratford-upon-Avon; Hamlet performance
Reading due: Hamlet and Cymbeline

22: Guided tour of Stratford; evening performance of Cymbeline

23: Evening train back to London
Reading due: Hamlet: The Play within the Play
Blog post #3 due

24-25: Free days; Individual meetings to discuss Essay 2 (optional)

26: Guided tour of Fleet Street and St. Paul’s Cathedral

27: Departure Dinner; performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Blog post #4 due

28: Class at CAPA5011020_orig
Essay 2 due

29: Program End
Blog post #5 due

TBA: Final Paper due