World Travelers

Our time here in London has flown by and our plans for a weekend in Paris came up much sooner than I had expected. We had 48 hours to see Paris, and I think we accomplished a good amount. As successful tube riders in London we got ourselves to Heathrow Airport with ease. Security felt like a breeze and all of a sudden we were waiting to board a plane to Paris

After making it to the hotel, via taxi of course, we came across a small grocery store and made ourselves a rather late dinner. We slept in, but only until 10:30, and then took the day by storm. With amazing weather we walked all across Paris, hardly ever using a map. We started at Notre Dame, one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen, and ended the day at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.

The love lock bridge was second on our list of stops. It’s an amazing site and I think that everyone should see it in person. The Louvre is another place that will never cease to disappoint. I could go back another five times and still not see everything, though I did see the Mona Lisa! I sipped my cappuchino while we casually strolled through the parks heading off towards more things to see. We all ate our way through the city, and I managed to try Nutella for the first time. With all the crepes I’ve consumed I think I might turn into one, but it was well worth it! I’ve also been telling myself that we walked them all off after being gone from noon time until about ten thirty Saturday night.

Even though we relaxed a bit on Sunday and found a restaurant for breakfast I had such a great weekend. It went by so fast! As we boarded the plane back to London I realized that I flew from London to Paris in the time it takes me to drive from my house to Lowell. That forty-five minute plane ride brought me memories to last a lifetime.