Connecting the Dots of London

Yesterday we saw some of my favorite things so far in London. We got to go to the British Library and see all of the old manuscripts that they have on display. It was amazing to see so many things that I have read throughout school, but unfortunately I have no pictures to show because it’s not allowed. Seeing Jane Austen’s handwriting and some of Bach’s works on display was such an incredible experience. This isn’t a display just for English majors, anyone in the world can appreciate the original copies, or in some cases oldest known copies, of famous works for the sake of their age alone. Seeing a 4th century text is not something people see everyday!

Being in London and seeing the rich history has been an eye opening experience for me. Last week, during a Dickens walking tour, we learned that the Rose theatre was preserved underneath a building near The Globe Theatre. After leaving the show¬†Antony and Cleopatra,¬†I saw a sign outside of a building saying it was the preserved area of the Rose. Seeing the way London comes together all across the city in ways you wouldn’t have noticed without looking is really cool. The amount of history here is unbelievable. This study abroad trip has made me much more interested in the history of Boston.