V&A Part Deux

Today was part two at the V&A, and I’m really happy we went. We spent our morning in the “Disobedient Objects” exhibit, which displays protest art from around the world. I thought the fashion exhibit would be my favorite from the trip, but “Disobedient Objects” has taken that title. I’ve always been a fan of street art, and I am very passionate about feminist issues, LGBT rights, and would consider myself anti-war in most cases (I guess you could say I’m a liberal), but I have never been involved in an actual protest.

Something that caught my eye was the Occupy Wall Street art from America. Right next to it was the same idea but in England. There was a stamp they used on 5 pound bills to highlight the distribution of wealth in England that went right over the picture of Queen Elizabeth. I have noticed so many differences between our two cultures, but we both seem to have similar economic issues and both handled them in similar ways.

As a whole, the exhibit touched me. As I mentioned before, I have strong opinions on many social issues, but I have never participated in a protest. It is amazing to see how people have risked their lives to fight for equal rights, better treatment, and freedom in the face of oppression. “Disobedient Objects” inspires me to take a more active stance on issues I care about. It makes me happy that the V&A was able to bring together all of these various protests from different corners of the world. “Disobedient Objects” highlights how passion and creativity can become an effective protest.

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