• NUTR 4720 / NUTR 5720 Nutrition and Gene Expression, Spring Semester Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression by specific nutrients, hormones, and metabolites will be discussed. Transcriptional, post-transcriptional, and translational mechanisms of specific nutrients with emphasis in disease development or prevention. The information gained will be useful for design of appropriate diets, based on inherited biochemical characteristics. This course will enable students to link their knowledge of nutrition with the growing body of knowledge on the human genome and specific hereditary diseases with a nutritional component.
  • NUTR 2060 Human Nutrition, Fall Semester This course provides an overview of nutrition and the components of a nutritious diet during the various stages of the life cycle. It emphasizes the impact of nutrition on the major contemporary health problems in the United States. Nutrition issues, trends and research, and their effect on society and the legislative process will be explored.

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