Meet the Group

Current Lab Members

  • Shannon L Kelleher, Ph.D. (Professor and Principal Investigator)
  • Olivia Rivera (Ph.D. Student, Penn State Hershey College of Medicine)
  • Tracey Harris, DO (Neonatology Fellow, Penn State Hershey Medical Center)
  • Tong Wu (Ph.D. Student, Biomed Engineering and Biotechnology, UMass Lowell)
  • Miriam DePina (Undergrad Researcher in Nutritional Sciences, UMass Lowell)   
  • Johnny Iv (Undergrad Researcher in Nutritional Sciences, UMass Lowell)
  • Katie McGourty (Undergrad Researcher in Clinical Lab Sciences, UMass Lowell)

Lab Alumni

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Lauren Barbosa (now an RD)
  • Erin Borrell (now an RD)
  • Jessica Collins (Medical School)
  • Thomas Croxford (now an MBA at Deloitte CIS)
  • Charles Darlymple (now in Nursing School)
  • Colleen Dempsey (Medical School)
  • Farnaz Foolad ( now a PharmD at MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  • Eric Ho (Nursing School)
  • Mike Lanz (now a Ph.D. student at Cornell)
  • Phil Leiberman (Medical School)
  • Wynston Morris (Nursing School)
  • Josh MacDavid (Medical School)
  • Sarah Mobely (now an RD)
  • Ronnie Mack, Jr. (Physician’s Assistant)
  • Brian Perfilio
  • James Seternus (Medical School)
  • Chunzi Zhang (MPH)

Graduate Students

  • Young Ah Seo (Ph.D. student; Assistant Professor at U Michigan)
  • Steve Hennigar, MS (Ph.D. student; now a Post-doc, USAIREM Natick)
  • Maryam Harrison, RN (MS student)
  • Sooyeon Lee (Ph.D. student;  Post-doc, Stanford University)
  • Nick McCormick (Ph.D. student; Coca Cola)
  • Caitlin Millet (Ph.D. student)
  • Kathryn Schieffer (Ph.D. student; Post-doc at Penn State Hershey)
  • Vanessa Velasquez (MS student;  Research Scientist at UC Irvine)

Post-doctoral Researchers

  • Veronica Lopez, PhD
  • Linxi Qian, PhD
  • Zeynep Bostanci, MD
  • Abigal Podany, MD
  • Kristen Crowell, MD