Italy-Snapshots of a Journey

Everywhere you look in Italy is art sprinkled on art. Every aspect of every material object here has an inhuman amount of thought and concentration applied to it. I went across the ocean, but never surfaced from the waves of total unfamiliarity and beauty until placing two feet inside of my home.

These candles are lit in prayer to those above. This simple symbol of faith was found adorning the front of many of the religious artworks, accompanied with a prayer bench.

Many of the paintings in churches are left in dim lighting, with a window positioned on the opposite wall. The sunlight beams through this window, lighting the wall carefully, and creating a spotlight that flirts its way around the room, highlighting different areas throughout the day. This last picture in the set is a modern art museum we found on a nightly stroll, with mirrors and strings that spun, and light that wouldn’t stay still.

Here, you can see what it looks like to be outside on a beautiful Italian day. The air is warm, and (despite the popularity of smoking), probably the freshest air I’ve ever encountered.

A solo Vespa scooter trip on Saturday morning to check out the Tuscan hills and meet some fellow tourists….


Public drinking fountains, open courtyards, and airy windows.



What’s an Italian trip without museums? Here is “La Primavera” by Botticelli, located in the Uffizi Gallery, Mary Magdalene the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence, and the David, located in the Galleria dell’Accademia.


You can’t help but love Italian architecture. This first one is the medieval and famous ponte vecchio (the oldest bridge in Florence). The building with the golden sun lighting and the domes is, none other than the Duomo itself. There was a really cute wedding held here during our stay! Also, here’s the Colosseum, and an old forum in Rome.


The Venice Biennale… it can’t be captured in photographs, but here’s a taste. These are my favorite parts of the show.


Last but not least, Pompeii. 🙂 Epic beyond expectations.