Vatican City


One of the most Interesting parts of our trip was our tour to Vatican City. We had a tour guide who helped us skipping the huge line waiting for entering the City and also explained historical facts and interesting things related to vast amount of art works existing there.

We got to see Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling of Sistine chapel and also his master piece Pieta in Saint Peter’s church. Although I’m not Christian and I don’t practice Christianity, the atmosphere and energy of the place made me feel spiritual and super emotional. I’ll always remember this day as a very special day spent with these amazing people:


Laocoon and His Sons

IMAG3156One of my favorite art pieces that I learned about in my art history classes is a marble sculpture named Laicoon and his sons. I still can’t believe that I got to see this piece in person at the Uffizi Gallery. I was fascinated by its glory that after almost 10 minutes of looking at it, I realized I lost all of my companions, but it was totally worth it. The magnificence of this sculpture could never be captured in any picture or in any book, and I’m so glad that I was able to have this amazing experience in Florence.


Art is a universal language.

No matter what culture you are coming from, what language you speak, or what religion you have, you appreciate and enjoy some form of art. Some people enjoy looking at paintings, some prefer sculptures and some others find street art the best possible way to express themselves and communicate with others.