Ponte Vecchio – Vecchi Ricordi

As we packed our bags and prepared to return back to our normal lives, my mind kept racing thinking of all of the other places I need to visit. On the ride to the airport I began flipping through my phone and I found an old list in my notes. I smiled as I scanned through and realized it was my bucket list. It was with a sigh of relief that I finally checked off “Go to Italy”. As we said our good-byes to the beauty that is Italy, we also said good-bye to one of my friends traveling with us. She was going to make a pitstop before the semester began and was on her way to Germany! How awesome is that?! I was simply heading back to work, but I was heading back inspired and eager to cross more things off of my list. This holiday weekend I returned from Canada. As close as it is and maybe unexciting to some, it was one of the most fulfilling moments because it was at that moment I crossed off yet another thing off of my list. While in Canada, we walked through this big mall-like building with a foodcourt and casino and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was standing in front of Ponte Vecchio… again?! This Italian restaurant brought me so much joy as I reminisced about my recent journey. Italy has sparked a lost flame in me and will always remain with me. This world is a mighty big place, and I can’t wait to travel and see it all.