Global Immersion in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Since the first day, of my decision of doing the study abroad & student exchange program, till now i feel proud and happy that i did this unique program. The core MBA course in UML usually takes 15 weeks but this course being a core course with 3 credits, completes in just 2 weeks. When i heard this, i was sure that we needed to burn the midnight oil to complete this program. This was a challenge for all of the students participating in this course.

On the first two days, all the groups visited their respective non-profits and understand their workings and problems. Then rest of the days, we were taught various Entrepreneurship skills and methods in classroom so that we could develop a good plan for the respective non-profits, along with that we were working on our projects day in and day out without stopping. We also had various successful entrepreneurs who talked about their lives and how they became successful. It was a treat for any to-be entrepreneur to listen to already established entrepreneurs. Apart from studies, we made lots of friends in BVB engineering college, where students were extremely helpful and friendly. Working with a team where each team member has a different idea and wants to work differently was always a task, but coming up with a common solution was the best part. Working with a diverse team and yet coming to one decision, is what makes a good team. Making a valuable project report and power point presentation were the two main things that were needed in this course, because these two things will be sent to the respective non-profits so that they can work upon their weak areas. Therefore, our team was very careful about these two requirements and we worked on them accordingly.

All the teams successfully completed their projects reports and presented their presentations with the immense help and guidance of Professor Ashwin Mehta, Professor Deborah Finch and Professor Nitin Kulkarni. Without their support this course would have been impossible.