The class

I’ve avoided writing this post about the class because I didn’t like the class initially. At first, I felt like I wasn’t learning anything new, but once we began discussing the case studies and having guest speakers I began to see where the class was going.

My favorite part had to be the group project. A week ago if you asked me whether or not I enjoyed the project I would have shouted, “No!” But, being back in Lowell with a break from the course I realize how valuable that project was. We were given the ability to look at and work with start-ups or already established companies, listen to their business processes and strategies and give them recommendations. Usually you have to have years of experience and credentials to get anyone to listen to what you have to say, but this class gave us that chance. These companies are going to look at what we recommend and then take some of our ideas and implement them.

The hardest part about the course had to be working with my companies CEO. I think going forward, when start-ups are being involved they should be handled the same way the company projects were handled. Meet for the first two days, then given the liberty to work alone. With that freedom or separation I think our reports would have been easier to compose and come to an agreement on what we felt needed to be done going forward.