Our class

I’m not creative in the traditional sense.  I know our class had a guest speaker who more or less debunked that statement, but I don’t see it that way.  What I can do is think of ways that exist to solve problems and create opportunities.  To me, creativity means thinking of something no one else can.  Our class really emphasized that maybe that’s all that’s needed to be an innovator.  I’ve had ideas but lacked the detailed vision to ever be able to see them through.  I learned in our class in India that it was okay not to know every angle of an idea, but that being able to make one move into something was what really mattered. The class itself and especially the guest speakers really gave me tangible skills that I can use to bring about innovation not only to my company, but my life in general.

Usually, I try to self-analyze at all times in all situations.  If I forget to hold the door for someone behind me as I leave a store, I have to stop, figure out why I forgot, try to apologize and remind myself to be more careful.  I do the same thing when I try to implement innovative ideas in my life and that over-analysis can lack direction.  This course gave me an idea of what that direction looks like.  Our projects, the reading material, the discussions and everything else provided me a course to the chaotic self-diagnostics I apply everywhere in my life.  I’d really like to help my wife start a business making furniture and other woodwork/crafts.  Now I know much better what that will look like on paper and in reality because of this course.  Professionally, my workplace can get stuffy and lack innovation, but I know opportunities are there and I think I’ll have a better time seeing those now.  The professors provided a rich and wonderful cultural experience that allowed to grow as people and professionals.  I hardly can think of a more valuable class I’ve taken or will take than this.  To learn so much in just 2 weeks was daunting, but we made it through, learned so much on the way and I, at least found so many new ways to look at things.