In India, getting to know Americans !

It has been a year for me studying in The United States of America, but i never understood Americans the way i am understanding them in Hubli, India. In less than a week’s time i got to know some of the amazing things about my fellow Americans.

They saw Taj Mahal and, on the other hand they saw small children begging on the streets, the two extremes of India, but i was amazed to see the way they reacted. They were concerned about those small children rather being ignorant. Maybe first time in their lives they experienced full of bumpy ride from Goa to Hubli, but they praised beautiful journey instead of complaining. They celebrated their birthday with Indian students the way they would have celebrated in States. Very easily they accepted the all-new food menu, which included spices, oil etc. and they liked it. Fans of Boston Red Sox played cricket for the first time with Indians with full of passion. Normally they sleeps around 10 pm back in U.S. wakes up till 1.30 am just to chat with Indian students.They were thrilled to hold live snake in their hands. Visiting various Indian NGOs and working on their respective projects passionately to help these NGOs to improve. Spoiling their New Year’s Eve by sitting in a flight to India, shows the enthusiasm and dedication of American students.

I have never seen someone accepting so many changes in such a short span of time, so beautifully. Being an Indian, I am proud to be in U.S.