Month One Complete

Update on the HR Direct Go-Live ‘ June 5, 2009

We are now at the end of the third payroll cycle and ithas been one month sincewe went live with HR Direct. The number of self-service users is lower than we hoped, so if you haven’t logged-in yet we do encourage you to do so. All you need is your email address and password!

Overall, the grand majority of processes are working well and employees are getting paid correctly. The following are a couple issues and current status updates:

Financial Integration

As part of the HR Direct implementation the method by which payroll encumbrance and detailed financial data integrates with the PeopleSoft Financials system has changed significantly. Since go-live there have been issues identified and the majority of them have been resolved, but there could still be errors with payroll encumbrance data. Offices are urged to use caution when reviewing financial reports as they could be overstating balances. The campus Budget Office is actively working with UITS to review fixes to the data and has been communicating with Finance System users about this issue.

Payroll Commitment Report

As a result of the new financial integration process, there are also downstream reporting issues which have prevented UITS from successfully delivering the Payroll Commitment Report (UMCA801). This report is heavily used by Lowell departments to help manage the remaining hours/dollars on a person’s contract. Offices are still responsible for managing their employees and are accountable for all authorized hours. Please note that employees will continue to get paid for any hours you authorize regardless of budget available on the contract as long as there is money in the account. UITS informed us this morning that they are hoping to have these run later today or by ‘Monday at the latest’.

Leave Accrual Print Error

On last weeks pay check advice some employees saw an inflated leave accrual balance due to a processing error. This primarily impacted employees who have worked at other UMass campuses or are currently an hourly employee after previously being a benefited employee (e.g. Retirees who have returned as hourly). This is a printing error only and true balances are in the PeopleSoft system. UITS is actively working to correct the paycheck print process for next week’s payroll. As the self-service PDF paychecks are exact copies of the printed advices, those too have the incorrect values.

Time and Labor Pilot

The pilot is going well and we are learning a lot about the challenges of changing business processes. We currently have 37 employees participating and 5 managers. We will expand a bit over the next month and then will evaluate the process. We have received some feedback and will be making some requests for enhancements to this functionality and will be updating our training job aids and the UPK.

If you have questions or issues pleaselet us know.

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